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Veterinary Technician & RVT

Andy's first foray into the animal world started with his bachelor's in Wildlife Ecology and Management and his six-month journey in Sudbury, Ontario at Wild at Heart Wildlife Rehabilitation/Refuge and its affiliate animal clinic.

The calling for the care of animals really solidified here, and since then, Andy worked as a veterinary assistant in a couple of small animal practices while furthering his education through Thompson Rivers University's Animal Health Technology program.

Upon program completion in the fall of 2019, Andy joined the wonderful Noble Paw team. During those two years up north, Andy adopted a very handsome cat named Thomas. When not spending time with the sassy feline, he enjoyed playing hockey, badminton, juggling, and discovering new restaurants and music.

Andy 在動物世界的初次涉足始於他在野生動植物生態學和管理學士學位,以及他在安大略省薩德伯里的 Wild at Heart 野生動物復健/避難所和其相關的動物診所的六個月的旅程。

對動物照顧的召喚在這裡真正鞏固,自那時以來,Andy 在幾個小型動物診所中擔任獸醫助理,同時通過TRU的動物健康技術課程進一步深造。

在2019年秋季完成課程後,Andy 加入了出色的 Noble Paw 團隊。在北部度過的這兩年裡,Andy 領養了一隻非常帥氣的貓,名叫 Thomas。



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