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Dental Cleaning and Oral Care

Our dental and oral healthcare services help prevent gum disease and oral issues, maintaining a fresh and healthy smile for your pet.

Our Dental Cleaning and Oral Care service covers thorough dental cleaning, scaling, polishing, and comprehensive oral health assessment. The service might include dental x-rays and tooth extractions, if necessary.

What is the benefit for your pets?

Regular dental cleaning prevents plaque and tartar build-up, which can lead to periodontal disease, tooth loss, and can affect the overall health of your pet. A clean mouth also means fresher breath!

How to prepare your pets for this service?

Generally, dental cleanings require anesthesia. So, your pet might need to fast for a certain period before the procedure. We'll provide all the necessary instructions prior to the appointment.

What you should pay attention to after your pets using this service?

After dental cleaning, your pet might be a bit groggy due to the anesthesia. Make sure they rest and stay comfortable. Follow the given dietary recommendations and introduce a dental care routine at home.

A healthy mouth for a healthy pet! With our Dental Cleaning and Oral Care services, your pet's winning smile will shine bright!

Don't wait for the oral health issues to advance! Schedule a Dental Cleaning for your pet today and let us take care of their beautiful smiles. Your pet will thank you with sweet, fresh kisses!

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