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Veterinary Assistant & Vet student

Vicky was born in Taipei, Taiwan and grew up in Vancouver. Her passion for animals drove her to take on various experiences at small animal clinics, shelters, research facilities, zoos and farms. Among these, she has enjoyed her time working at Noble Paw since 2017. After graduating from the University of British Columbia with a Bachelor of Science in Applied Animal Biology degree, Vicky is currently completing the DVM program at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine and is due to graduate in 2027. In her spare time, Vicky enjoys swimming and travelling with friends.


Vicky 從2017年就在 Noble Paw 工作。畢業於University of British Columbia應用動物生物學學士學位後,Vicky目前正在Western College of Veterinary Medicine完成獸醫博士學位,並預計於2027年畢業。



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