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Customer Experience Manager

Ian started working in Noble Paw Veterinary as a Veterinary Assistant in 2019. Since then, he has devoted majority of his time here caring and supporting our patients, continuously refining his skills and knowledge to help those in need.

Now working in customer relation, Ian believes that he can ultize his knowledge to build a strong and lasting bridge between our team and our clients. Ian has always enjoyed being surrounded by animals and finds joys in getting to know each and everyone of them.

His love for animals is never ending and he always finds a place in his heart for every pet he meets!

Ian 於 2019 年開始在 Noble Paw Veterinary 擔任獸醫助理。從那時起,他將大部分時間都花在這裡照顧我們的患者,不斷完善自己的技能和知識來幫助有需要的動物們。




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