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Administrative Assistant

From Sichuan, China, a passionate animal lover with two cats and a dog at home, this individual possesses a degree in Communication from SFU.

Embracing the role of an administrative assistant at Noble Paw, she cherishes moments of exploration and connection, and often works behind the scenes. Yet, she plays an important role in producing documentation for the organization.

Always attentive to customer experience, she ensures that the front door is clean and welcoming. Her love for animals extends into her daily life, and she's known for her enjoyment of spicy food and travel.

Her contributions not only enhance the operational efficiency but also add a touch of warmth to the overall environment.

來自中國四川的她,是一位充滿熱情的動物愛好者,家裡飼養了兩隻貓和一隻狗。她在 SFU(西門菲沙大學)取得了傳播學學位,在 Noble Paw 擔任行政助理的角色,全情投入,珍惜探索和連接的時刻。


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