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General Manager & RVT

Since 2018, I have been working as a veterinary technician, a role that I cherish deeply. My love for animals has been a prominent part of my life since childhood, influencing not just my career choice, but also my personal life.

I was fortunate enough to adopt my cat, Moose, during my time at TRU (Thompson Rivers University). He quickly became my adorable furry companion, enhancing my connection to animals even further.

My passion for my work is boundless, driven by the opportunity to help both animals and the people who care for them. Whether it's providing medical care, comforting a worried pet owner, or assisting in a life-changing procedure, every day offers a chance to make a positive impact on the lives of animals.

It's the ability to make a tangible difference and contribute to the well-being of creatures big and small that motivates me every day.

This passion has guided my career, allowing me to engage with my love for animals in a meaningful way and inspire others to see the beauty and importance of our non-human friends.





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