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Annual Exam

Our preventive care services encompass annual check-ups tailored for middle-aged and senior pets, featuring blood and urine tests, X-ray examinations, and state-of-the-art ultrasonic equipment to keep a close watch on their health

An Annual Exam is a routine veterinary examination that's carried out once a year. This comprehensive check-up is designed to monitor your pet's overall health, behavior, diet, and lifestyle. Regular exams help us to catch potential health issues early on. It also allows us to update vaccinations, detect dental diseases, ensure proper weight management, and more.

Make sure your pet is well-rested before the exam. It might be helpful to jot down any behavioral changes or symptoms you've noticed in your pet, so you can discuss them during the exam. Follow any instructions or recommendations given by the vet after the exam. Look out for any changes in your pet's health or behavior, and report back if necessary.

Annual Exams are your pet’s yearly wellness celebration! Together, we can keep track of their health and ensure many more happy years to come. Book your pet's Annual Exam today! Our caring veterinary team can't wait to see you and your furry friend.

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