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FELIWAY Classic 30-Day Starter Kit: Your Solution for a Happier, Calmer Cat

Transform Your Home into a Stress-Free Zone for Your Feline Friend


FELIWAY Classic offers a vet-recommended, easy-to-use solution that helps control behaviors like urine spraying, scratching, and hiding. By mimicking the natural feline facial pheromones, it provides your cat with an environment that feels familiar and safe.


Key Features:

  • Immediate Comfort: Designed to quickly alleviate stress and unease in cats, from adapting to new surroundings to reducing unwanted behaviors.
  • Wide Coverage: The diffuser efficiently covers up to 750 sq. ft. Just plug it into an open area where your cat frequently spends time.
  • Ease of Use: Each 30-Day Starter Kit includes one diffuser device and one refill. For best results, plug the diffuser in continuously.


Real-Life Success Story
Lucy, a Maine Coon, was scratching her owner's furniture excessively. After using FELIWAY Classic, not only did the destructive behavior stop, but Lucy also seemed more relaxed and content.


How It Works

Cats mark their territory by rubbing their face against objects, releasing a "happy message"—the feline facial pheromone. FELIWAY Classic uses this natural, reassuring scent to create a comforting home environment.


Constant Effectiveness
For continuous comfort and effect, keep the diffuser plugged in. You'll likely see improvements in the first week, although best results generally appear after 3-4 weeks.


Other Options
Having issues with multiple cats fighting? Consider using FELIWAY FRIENDS, designed to promote harmony in homes with more than one cat.

FELIWAY Classic 30-Day Starter Kit: Your Solution for a Happier, Calmer Cat

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