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Veterinary Assistant

From a young age, Sophia has cherished the companionship of animals, a passion that has endured throughout her life. During her free time, she embarks on journeys to capture the beauty of wildlife through her photography.

Her subjects vary widely, encompassing everything from endearing furry companions like dogs and cats to captivating exotic creatures like snakes. With a personal collection of two snakes and two cats, Sophia's love for animals is evident.

She aspires to extend her enthusiasm to our clients, treating each animal she encounters as if it were her own. Her genuine commitment to sharing the joy of her passion with others sets her apart, making her an invaluable member of our team.

從年幼時起,Sophia 就一直喜愛著動物的陪伴,這份熱情貫穿了她的一生。在她的空閒時間裡,透過攝影捕捉野生動物的美麗。

她的攝影主題十分廣泛,涵蓋了從討人喜歡的毛茸茸伴侶,如狗和貓,到引人入勝的異國生物,如蛇等。 憑藉著兩條蛇和兩只貓的個人收藏,Sophia 對動物的愛是顯而易見的。


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